Solar Pump Submersible (Centrifugal) 4″ 128M Head – 5000L/Hr Flow (Full power)

$4,700.00 $4,500.00

Solar pumps are specially designed to be powered by solar panels alone, without the need for batteries, generators or mains power… pumping when the sun is shining – saving money & resources.
The pump controller drives the high efficiency brushless DC pump motor, utilising the latest Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to ensure maximum flow is delivered under all light conditions.
The controller also protects the pump from frequent start up in low light conditions, overheating & running dry.
Low water level sensors & tank full sensors are included so the pumping system can be fully automated.
With sensors installed, the pump will switch off if the header tank is full or if the water source has fallen below the pump intake.

Package Includes:
1000w Brushless DC Submersible Screw Pump
MPPT Sealed Solar Pump Controller
Solar Panels to suit – 8x250W 44-44Vmp 1 kilowatt of solar provided!!
Well Sensor to stop pumping if the water source is low
Tank Sensors to stop pumping if the tank is full
Spare Pump Impeller
5 Metre Cable for Solar Panel
Instruction Manual


Max flow rate: 5000 litres per hour / 83.3 litres per minute
Max head (vertical pumping distance): 128 metres
Pump power 1000W
Pump Outlet: 1.25″
Stainless Steel Pump, Motor & Screw
NSK Bearings
Brushless DC Pump Motor
Solar to Power Products come with a 12 Month warranty, if your item is to be found defective within the warranty period we will replace the defective part free of charge.

You are welcome to send it back and our factory trained staff will carry out the repair for you free of charge within the warranty period. Shipping is cost of buyer.

Consumables, cables, leads, etc.. are not covered by warranty, negligence or misuse is a warranty exclusion.

Registered Responsible supplier with ERAC, Alternative Technology Association of Australia & Clean Energy Council of Australia.

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