Here at Solar to Power we carry many solar charge controllers, regulators and MPPT charge controllers (Maximum Power Point Tracking). Make the most of your solar installation by using the most suitable controller to suit your needs. We are proud to carry the multi-function units which make solar so easy! They handle battery charging from Solar PV and AC (grid power or generator), DC to AC power inverter & Automatic transfer from battery power to mains or generator (priority selectable).

  • powertech mppt solar charge contoller

    12V/24V 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller MP-3735

  • flexmax60_4e84f0c9a6c985bf45ad894f814e8523

    Flexmax 60 MPPT Charge Controller 60A 12,24,48VDC

  • flexmax-80_930125ada6cd8ab96cd19a21281b4b6d

    Flexmax 80 MPPT Charge Controller 80A 12,24,48VDC

  • flexmaxextreme_840ab4cee0f297e7fbb80e21bb7c68ed

    Flexmax Extreme MPPT Charge Controller 80A 12,24,48VDC

  • mate_0248d7d5f3d79e371c65ddada6f56f8f

    Mate – B Controller/Keypad – Black

  • mate_0248d7d5f3d79e371c65ddada6f56f8f

    Mate – system Controller/Keypad – White

  • mate_0248d7d5f3d79e371c65ddada6f56f8f

    Mate2 Controller/Keypad Flush Mount – Black with RS-232 port

  • mate-3_d0b03c0d05a469ea83d9006eb901e5ac

    Mate3 Controller/Keypad grey wth ethernet

  • Solar charger controller

    Solar Charge Controller 10A Amps

  • download (2)

    Solar Controller 3 In 1 MPPT 600W / AC Charge 30A, 2400W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • tracer 121 11

    Tracer-1215RN MPPT Solar Charge Controller (10A)

  • tracer 2215

    Tracer-2215RN MPPT Solar Charge Controller (20A)